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Past Shorelight Projects



Claire, a young designer living in New York City, is romantically involved with John, a married man. Their relationship, which is limited to two or three dates a month, is light and fun for them, a romance without commitment.

John keeps his married life very secret and separate from Claire until the day they accidentally meet his six-year-old son, Julian. Then an interesting job offer that would take her to Los Angeles and the sudden confrontation with John’s married reality wakes Claire up to the choices she has made in her life, which present themselves in a new light.


15 Months in May


15 Months in May is a story of three friends on an existential journey. Niki, a young Danish woman, shares an upscale Bohemian life with two brothers, Paul and Julian, in New York City, supported by the brother’s inheritance. Although Niki is lovers with both men, there is no sexual tension.

As financial pressures mount, they begin to see each others flaws: Julian’s gambling, Paul’s procrastination, Niki’s dependence.

When a young man becomes interested in Niki, she tells him about a childhood tragedy that forms the basis of her bond with Paul and Julian, and it becomes clear that their rootless, carefree existence is a form of arrested development.

When all money is lost , they find themselves on a rocky road that exposes them to poverty, jealousy and addiction and forces them to face the consequences of either continued unity or separation.

written, directed and produced by Anja Murmann

Starring:  Sarah Boberg (Niki), John Frey (Paul) and Andrew Colteaux (Julian)

Cinematography by Wolfgang Held

Edited by Sabine Krayenbuehl

Music By Claus Banter


Wishful Thinking


Mary loves David. Mary and Esther are best friends. David loves Mary and Esther. A triangle of love, friendship and betrayal.

Their sincerity is questioned, their love and friendship is tested.